Blood Glucose Monitoring Communication (BGMC) questionnaire,
Diabetes Eating Problem Survey-Revised
Diabetes Quality of life for Youth Inventory (DQOLY) short only
Diabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire (DTSQ),
Diabetes Fear of Injecting and Self-testing Questionnaire" (D-FISQ)
Diabetes-Related Distress
Diabetes-Related Anxiety
Diabetes-Specific Quality Of Life
Fear of Hypoglycemia Survey
Hypoglycemia Confidence Questionnaire
Parental Fear of Hypoglycemia
Problem Areas in Diabetes Scale
Type 1 Diabetes Report of Exercise Practices Survey (T1D-REPS)
Hypoglycemia Fear Survey (HFS), Worry-Parent (Clarke et al, JPEM, 1998)
Clark's Hypoglecemia [Un]-Awareness Scale
Hyperglycemia Avoidance Scale
Barriers to Physical Activity in Diabetes (Type 1) (BAPADI)