Definition of Terms

Ecological momentary assessment (EMA) involves repeated sampling of subjects’ current behaviours and experiences in real time, in subjects’ natural environments. EMA aims to minimize recall bias, maximize ecological validity, and allow the study of micro processes that influence behaviour in real-world contexts. In this study, an EMA instrument would be one that the participant would only be prompted to answer based on a specific trigger, such as an event, a location, or a time of day. If you indicate an instrument should be considered for an EMA, please also describe the trigger it might be associated with (e.g., after hospital discharge, during periods of hyperglycemia, etc)

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PRO measures) are the tools or instruments used to measure patient-reported outcomes. These tools may measure the patient’s health status such as health-related quality of life. These tools are often (patient) self-completed questionnaires. in the context of this study, PROMs will be scheduled for periodic assessments. If you think an instrument should be used as a PRO measure, please also indicate the periodicity (e.g., every 2 weeks, every 3 months, etc)

For this study, a RESEACH INSTRUMENT is obtained at enrollment, along with demographics and social determinants of health screening. They may also be repeated on a 6 or 12-month basis.